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2011 National Salers Tour-Missouri
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Friday, September 30thDavid & Janelle FreuhScott & Stacy Liebhart & Boys (Landon was really upset he couldn't continue on the tour)Breakfast at Silver SpursSilver Spur Show CattleSilver Spur Heifer CalvesLooking at the Silver Spur BullsSilver Spur Donor Cow--STCY Kinsey 05K  Silver Spur CowsPacker/Stealth bred Female-DJF494PGranddam to the show heifer calf above-DJF616SEcker Home, Built in 1864 & only 3 families had ever lived in itEcker Family & David FreuhWe are curious as to what is going on??????Looking at Ecker Farms Bred HeifersEcker Farms Replacement Heifers-some of the most beautiful heifers I've seen in a long time.Listening to Bob Norton, President of Biozyme, talk about VitaFermtour of the BioZyme facilityEd Miller & Sheri Doubetlooking at Miller's Yrlg HeifersMiller's Bull Calves, freshly weanedVisiting at the Miller Bull PenIgentity speaker-very interesting talkSaturday, October 1stLindenhillFarmsPete Phillips & Sheri DoubetKent Abele of Green Springs Bull Test Station gave a talk on the importance of Feed Efficiency.Lindenhill Farms & a neighbors Angus bulls that just came home from the Bull TestLindenhill Farms Spring HeifersLindenhill Yearling HeifersRuss & Donna Mitchell & their familyM & S Salers, Herd Bull, Purchased from Skinner Ranches, 8 years old & weighed 2310#     M & S Salers Cows     M & S Salers Cows (daughters of the herd bull)Paul & Katherine Kukowski from WY, Tiffaney Parke from MTBrenda Gens (MN), Susan Snow (OR) & Sheri Doubet (CO)Bill MacDonald (ND) & Bob Neben (NE/FL)TouGroup at the Battlefield Visitors Center (not everyone in the picture)Famous Corn Field of the Wilson's Creek BattlefieldSalyer's home that stood thru the Civil War (Gary's parents home)Gary & Liz Salyers & Sheri DoubetHerd Bull:  3D TROUBADOURSalyers cows (Black cow was purchased from Fredricksons), both are older cowsSalyers cows enjoying the pond....many of his cows are "E" cowsIf I remember correctly, this cow was an "M" cow, making her a 9 yr old cowOne of Salyers Bred HeifersKenny Crawford, owner with 2 of his bullsThats Whitney 98Y-born 2/2/11-Dam:  NJF Whitney Sire: JCGC UnmatchedScenery from Dock of the Branson BelleTour Group on the Branson BelleTour Group on the Branson BelleTour Group on the Branson BelleThank You Missouri Breeders for your Wonderful Hospitality
You Showed us a Great Time!!!!!


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