Calves2012 Calvesweights taken 10/8-all calves averaged 503#
Average Birthdate-4/20/12
ADJ 205 day weights
Bulls-692#, Heifers-574#, Steers-593#
we ran long on heifers this year
tag 902W, 90.63% Heifer, taken 10/10, sold to Arneson Ranchtag 801U, 71.88%, taken 8/31/12, NICE heifertag 127, 87.5%, taken 9/22, replacement (sired by Zippy)tag 608S, steer, born 4/16, 71.90%tag 512R, born 5/15, 81.25% steertag 391U, born 5/19, PB, steertag 7138, PB, taken 10/22, sold to Arneson Ranchtag 575, 92.9%, sired by Zippy, sold to Austin Schaefertag 053X, out of 2 yr old, 78.13%, sired by Buster, sold to Lathe Arnestontag 310N, born 5/24, 87.5%, photo taken on 9/22, replacementtag 001X, out of a 2 yr old, 59.45%, taken 9/22, sold to Austin Schaeferside view:  tag #46K, PB, photo taken on 9/22, sold to Brady Smithtag #704T, 79.70%, taken on 9/22, replacementtag #021, 87.5%, taken on 10/22, sold to Lathe Arnesontag 69S, 72.75%, heaviest heifer, photo taken 10/22, replacement

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2010 Calvesphotos taken on September 12th
weights taken 10/10-all steers averaged 562#
As you can see, we have disposition in our calves (301N)301N-4/18 Ulmar son out of a stealth daughter 10/10-580#512-4/20 steer-sired by Ulmar out of a Montana Daughter- 10/10 weight 555#842-4/2 str sired by Urbaniak out a Montana 2 yr old Daughter, 10/10 520#134K, 4/9 steer, orphaned in Early September, Sterling sired out a black medal daughter, 10/10 485#608S, 3/26 str, sired by Sterling out of a Chucky Daughter, 10/10 600#704-4/2 str, sired by Timber out of a Montana daughter, 10/10 560#788-4/1 str, sired by Timber out of a Montana daughter, 10/10 620#758, 4/15 str, sired by Timber out of a Montana daughter, 10/10 490#851U, 4/12 str, 10/10 505#; 801U, 3/26 hfr, 10/10 485#, Both sired by Urbaniak & out of Chucky Daughters, Line Bred ChuckyChucky 4 yr old daughter, 1/8 str, sired by Sterling, 620#634S Montana Daughter w/4-19 str, sired by Ulmar, 10/10 580#021 str, 3/20 str, sired by Sterling out of a 10 yr old Big Red Daughter, 10/10 635#403P Montana Daughter w/4-11 str sired by Ulmar, 10/10 weight 550#575 Bruno Daughter w/625# str sired by Timber born 3/25401P-4/2 str sired by Timber out of a Stealth Daughter, 10/10 675#-heaviest steerphotos taken on August 3rd     photos taken on May 12thMarch 27th Urbaniak daughter out of a 2 yr old Sterling daughter1/2 sister to Urbaniak, April 4th Ulmar daughterApril 11th, PB heifer out of Ulmar and out of a Stealth daughterMarch 15th PB bull calf out of Sterling and a Black Medal cow, Bull ProspectApril 1st, Ulmar daughter out of a Montana daughter, 81.25%April 6th Ulmar Son out of a Stealth Daughter, 81.25%, HERD BULL PROSPECTMarch 29th, Timber daughter out of a Stealth daughterApril 10th, Timber son out of a Montana Daughter, Full brother to Webster, Bull Prospect, 75%March 22nd Timber son, out of a Stealth daughter, PB, Bull Prospect[HOME]        [TOP OF PAGE]


2009 CalvesShipped 10/21
All of our 2009 Calves averaged 597.09#
40 calves that went to the feedlot:  strs-592.5#, hfrs-558.44#
replacement heifers (includes 3 bum calves) avg-553.67#
bull calves avg-683.75#
Chucky’s averaged:  594.66#, Sterling’s averaged:  614.29#,
Timber’s averaged 500.5# (included a set of twins, mostly out of 2 yr olds)
Photos Taken September 30th#108, late cut bull calf.
#108 weighed 605# 24 Steers averaged
592.5#Al Chucky son, not sure which tag # he is
645S weighed 585#Photos Taken in Mid August 617 str, March 27th sired by Timber, this boy would make an excellent 4H steer as he is super gentle & loves lots of attention, plus he has the quality to make a club calf
Buddy, #617 weighed 700#  Photos Taken on August 2nd911 March 24th steer, sired by Sterling
weighed 595#901 April 17th Steer sired by Sterling
weighed 620#645S April 5th sired by Sterling out of a Chucky Daughter
weighed 585#805 April 20th str out of a 11 yr old spook daughter sired by Chucky
weighed 580#207 May 6th bull calf that will be cut at preconditioning out of a stealth daughter sired by chucky
weighed 560#615 April 8th str out of a 13 yr old spook daughter sired by Chucky
weighed 575#517 April 26th str out of a stealth daughter sired by chucky
weighed 525#calves out of stealth daughters on august 2nd127 Mar 31 str out of a stealth daughter sired by chucky
weighed 575#Photos Taken on July 11th#225-April 4th Steer, out of a Spook Granddaughter & sired by Chucky
weighed 680#911-Mar 24th str out of Sterling
weighed 595#125-Mar 31 str out of Spook Granddaughter & sired by Chucky
weighed 645##705, out of a spook daughter, sired by Timber.  His mother is a 12 yr old crippled cow.
weighed 720#One of the younger calves, #775 was born April 11th off of a 2 yr old heifer & out of Timber
weighed 490#610, born 3/27 out of a 13 yr old cow & sired by Sterling
weighed 610#Heifers can be seen onSale Cattle PageBull Prospects can be seen on Sale Cattle Page[HOME]        [TOP OF PAGE]
Photos Taken on June 13th
calves at Hall SectionBlack PB Hfr-134K-Sterling Daughter out of a Black Medal Sired Cow-born Mar 17thPair of bull calvesApril Heifer calf off of a Chucky Daughter & out of TimberApril 2nd Bull calf out of Sterling & a Big Red Daughter021 with her Mar 9th heifer out of Sterling, sterling daughter in the background105 with March 16th Sterling daughter911 with her March 24th steer out of Sterling808's April 1st bull calf out of Chucky, 808 is the mother to Levi our 1st bull we ever soldMarch Black heifer out of Chucky & March 19th Blond Red bull calf out of a Montana Daughter & Timber512, Montana Daughter with her April 7th steer calf out of Chucky.  Chucky-Stealth cross heifer in the background.429 April 4th Bull calf out of Sterling.  He is quite impressive.[HOME]        [TOP OF PAGE]
s Taken at Branding on May 9th2009 Bull ProspectsBull Prospects:  131 is a full brother to Redrock & Toronto.  Super thick.  42P is out of a 1/2 Angus cow, that is a half sister to Montana's Sire.2009 steer & heifer calvesLil Sis....One of the twins out of a 2 yr old Parker daughter & sired by TimberlinePhotos Taken on May 3rd—All Calves are sired by bulls we raisedMar 19 Bull Prospect, out of a 2 yr old Montana daughter, sired by TimberlineOh, I need a softer pillow295, Red PB hfr, out of a Stealth daughter & sired by Chucky, AWESOME heiferMar 31 bull prospect sired by Sterling out of a Big Red daughterOh my what a nice day, we are soooooo enjoying the sunshineThis April 2nd Sterling daughter is out of a Spook Granddaughter

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