Weyer Ranch Salers Females

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Stealth Daughters

DY Nevada 310N, July 31 2003, Full Sister to Montana 210M

DY Miss Lisa 42L on May 21, 06; 75%DY Miss Lola 27L on May 21, 06; 75% DY Mikayla 216M (4 yr old PB) on 7/3/06 


Big Red Daughters

DY Kanabec 021K on May 21, 06; 75%

DY Linda 105L, July 2003,  calved as a yearling & every year since

DY Latoya 17L on May 21, 06; 75%

DY Jodi 905, Montana's & Nevada's Mother, Lost in 2003 to an injury.DY Jessie 901J, 50%, with her 2003 Stealth Bull Calf (DY Night Ranger 331)DY Layla 108L, 50%, with her calf as a 2 yr old, July 2003


 Montana Daughters






 Chucky Daughters





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