2015 Herd Bulls

OPP 237Zof 59U

Red Polled Purebred

SIRE:  GGT P BK Enforcer300U

DAM:  S Polled Lady 59U

Our first acquisition from Elm Creek Ranch of Hebron, ND.  The description I received was Good leg, Clean Front, Very Good top & rear quarter, Very clean made, small headed & smooth shoulder.  Comes from a good mother.  Frame 6.  He crossed AMAZING with our Ulmar daughters.  Average birth weight was 71.6 pounds.  This guy is now our Senior Herd Sire.  His daughters are beautiful females.  His calves are quiet & were @ 50# heavier this fall than that of the other bulls. Birth Date: 3/31/12      Birth Weight:  87#      ADJ 205:  698#     4/19/13 Weight: 1060#

Expected EPD’S
BW  +2.4    WW  +55    YW  +88    MWW +52     Milk +25    Doc +25    Stayability
REA +0.09   MS -0.3   RY +0.4   Carcass Wt +24.8   CE +0.5   CEd +0.7
DNA Tested
Tenderness (0.20)  MVP
Feed efficiency (-1.37)  MVP
Marbling (-0.13)  MVP

NJF Feists Backlash 37z

Red Polled Purebred

SIRE:  GGT P Bk Backlash 170U

DAM:  NJF Feist 759

We purchased this bull fat the 2013 Focus Sale.  I am so excited to add him to our program.  He is really wide topped, big hipped, smooth polled, clean fronted bull.  I’m anxious to see how he will cross with our cows.  He is a 3/4 brother to the top selling bull of the same sale.  LOVE his calves. They are wide topped & big hipped.  2016 will be the last set of calves out of this bull.Birth Date: 3/29/12      Birth Weight:  94#      ADJ 205:  683#     2/5/13 Weight: 1100#   WDA 3.51

Expected EPD’S
BW  +3.9    WW  +43    YW  +85    MWW +43     Milk +21    Doc     Stayability
REA    MS    RY    Carcass Wt    CE    CEd
DNA Tested
Tenderness (0.23)  MVP
Feed efficiency (-2.59)  MVP
Marbling (-0.15)  MVP

DY Brandon 410B
ASA #696983
Red Polled 81.25%

Midland Tag #929

SIRE: SRS Cornerstone 0213Y

DAM: DY Nevada 310N
(full sister to Montana)

We pulled this guy.  We are going to use him.  He may be for sale this fall or next spring. Only because he isn’t a PB.

Birth Weight:  89#      Date:  4/3/14   Weaning Weight on 10/9:  535#   ADJ 205:  564#  (Ratio 99)
maternal ww:  104 on 10 calves
Midland Weights:
Initial:  540#     1st IM Wgt: 765#   ADG: 3.41#     2nd IM Wgt:  805#   ADG: 2.76#   WDA: 2.60#
Final wgt: 848#  ADG: 2.59#      WDA: 2.55#     Adj 365:  912#
Scrotal  33 cm (on 3/10/15)
semen tested & ready to go
Ultrasound Data
Weight: 775#  REA=10.7″  REA/cwt=1.38″/cwt   IMF= 2.78%
RFI  1.04  for  2.31 ADG  8.65 feed conv
BW +1.9     WW +36     YW  +73    MWW  +38    Milk +20   Doc +4   Stay ?
REA +0.06   MS +0.3   RY -0.3   Carcass Wt +16.8   CE -0.1   CEd +0.6
DNA Tested
Tenderness (0.55)  MVP
Feed efficiency (-0.66)  MVP
Marbling (-0.28)  MVP
Palatability Score (-70)

This bull is a HERD bull prospect.  I lost his mother in January & she was the only full sister to the GREAT Montana bull.  He has a monster rib eye & should produce phenomenal females, just like his uncle.  I have high hopes for this boy.  He is long as a boxcar!!!!